Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend update...

So, I don't have any pictures for this post, but I will leave links so you can click on things and be entertained. First of all, last weekend, Mom and Dad came down to visit. When you come visit me on a long weekend, this is what we do: Saturday we wake up and go to the Winter Park Farmer's Market. What I like to do is get $20 in cash and see how much I can buy for that $20. I always encourage people to buy the fresh squeezed lemonade that is always there, kettle corn (I have eaten a whole large bag by myself), and then I take you to the bakery part of the Market where you can buy Belgian waffles topped with fresh strawberry topping and cheese cake topping (you need at least three people to finish), or the fresh cheesecake "cupcakes" that come in all kinds of flavors from key lime to cookies and cream, SO good. The Market has fresh flowers there that I always think would be great gifts for the "green thumb" members of the family, and that does not include me. Very cool place.

After Farmer's Market, I would lead you to Park Ave just across the street from the Market. There are all kinds of boutiques and fun places to look at different clothes, however, these kinds of places you would buy an "investment" article of clothing, but they are fun nonetheless.

After Park Ave, we would come home and get Riley. Riley cannot come to Winter Park yet because he has not developed manners yet, we are working on that, mostly just waiting for him to grow out of being a puppy. We love taking dogs to Fleet Peeple's Park which is an off leash dog park. That kind of scared mom and dad because there happened to be a higher number of pit bulls at the park that day, but we have never had a negative experience with dogs at the park and most people are good about making their dogs behave, we love it there.

After Riley gets tuckered out, Tim and I like to take people out to "Orlando" restaurants, places that you don't have in your own home town. We do have a number of places we enjoy like, Blackhammock where you WILL try gator tail (good) and the other wonderful seafood selections offered. They also have an alligator exhibit and air boats, its a pretty cool place.

Sunday we bring you to our life group and church, which is always an experience, I like showing off my family to the group, its fun. Sunday's are always a lazy day maybe do some shopping if we didn't do any on Saturday.

So, hopefully mom will post the little pictures we took of the weekend on her post, but it was a fun weekend.

Currently, Tim and I are going to a class on Wednesday nights that focuses on the person not only finding their spiritual gift, but finding how that gift is married to their passions and how you can serve the church with the gift and passions that you have. We first had to take two spiritual gift inventories that Pastor Jimmy himself created with his wife (his ministry in the church is actually helping people find their passion and where to serve in the church) Try is for yourself at Very enlightening. I am looking forward to see where God wants me to serve in our church to better his glory. Hopefully I will have an update for you on where that leads in the coming months.

Ok, that's all for the weekend update, wish I had something clever to end this with, but oh well. Love you All!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


So, so much has happened in September that is has taken me a whole month to think about what I have wanted to blog about. And now for some reason all of my writing is underlined. Due to the fact that blogging confuses me greatly, I will continue because I do not know how to get the underline to go away. Here are some highlights of the month...

September started out with an awesome extended weekend in New Hampshire/New Jersey. We flew into Manchester and spent a whole day with Tim's dad and the model T's driving around Keene. It is actually a very cool experience, you kind of feel like a celebrity, people stopped along the way and waved to us and honked (some good honks, some bad:)) I enjoyed the experience greatly and it was another unique part of Tim's life growing up we got to share together. Ah, the joys of being newly weds and continuing to get to know more about each other...

I don't know how many of you know this, but Tim actually knows how to drive a Model T. With some refreshment courses from Bill, Tim drove us around town in his (that's right, Tim actually has his own Model T that Bill is keeping for him for now) Model T truck.

Next we drove down to New Jersey to vacation a little bit with Kathy, Ed, Uncle Rod and Aunt Lori. While at the Jersey Shore, I was introduced to the fair, I mean the original one. So I partook of the goods and played one of Tim's childhood favorites and played Frog Bogs. I won a BIG FROG. The above picture is a picture of two grown people strategizing about how to win a carnival game... Nice...

This is all of us in front of Kelly's, an extremely authentic Irish tavern that has really good Reubens. I liked the place so much I got a shirt. I can fortell that there will definitely be more Kelly's in my future.

I know this is out of order but I am tired of trying to rearrange pictures on the blog and then having them lost. This is a picture of me in front of the Frog Bog place that I won BIG at the night before. That day we had rented bikes and you can ride through the fair because most of the shops are closed and not as many people are walking around. Fun times!

The next weekend away we spent was in GA due to the fact that Weston was supposed to be born only a couple of weeks earlier, not the day after I left from the last weekend I visited GA. So, I kind of missed my nephews "new born" baby stage, he was about a little over month old by the time we got up there. However, the boy is still so cute, a little grumpy, but very cute. He has an adorable sister, this is me, Emily, and Savannah, I like the pic!

I got the pleasure of assisting in bath time a couple of nights I was there. Those baby blues are SO adorable I cannot resist that child, her Aunt La definitely spoils her rotten!

I like this picture because this is my typical family, busy, organized chaos, and a whole lot of fun, this was our attempt at a Christmas picture, I think we should probably go with the one we took back in July, mostly due to the fact that is that picture all the girls were ready for it!

And finally, a couple of hours before we had to fly back to FL, Uncle David gave me and Tim our first tour of the Chick-Fil-A corporate building. For those of you who don't know, Uncle David is an awesome tour guide and is extremely informative about everything in the world, especially Chick-fil-a (one time I interviewed him for a term paper and with all the info I was given by him, not only did I get an A on the paper, but the professor wanted me to do more research on it for him!) This is Tim and I in Truett Cathy's office, very cool, really does feel like a tree house.

And last but certainly not least is us infront of the famed Batmobile that Mr. Cathy bought a long time ago. I think it looks cooler in person. We couldn't touch, but the pic is great.

So, here was September in a nutshell, lots of great memories and I am glad I got this one over with so I can blog about my other topics I have been thinking about!! ha!