Thursday, June 25, 2009

Puppy Love

So, as it is with all new puppies, we are now having to weigh our options for obedience school. Our adoption place highly recommended so, and now that Riley is getting comfortable with using our apartment as his own personal chew toy, obedience classes look like a good idea.

But the one thing that I am conflicted about, is the beauty that I find in this little guy, NOT being perfect. I kind of think its funny when he plays tug of war with me when he is on a leash and I am taking him for a walk. I like it that he is the only dog at the obedience intro class that barked and whined the entire time because he wanted to play with the other dogs. I just love his little rebelousness, I find it endearing. So, we probably will do obedience school for the dog, but part of me hopes he won't stay obedient all the time...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

When two people love each other very much...

And want to start a family, but can't because they want to wait to get a house and can't get a house because they have heinous amounts of college loan debt... They GET A DOG!!!

This is Tim, making sure that the cage we bought for the dog is not too big, and yes he did go all the way inside to check...

The adoption place calls him Mookie, but we will probably rename him, probably with something to do with aviation, because that is how we roll here.

If you have any name suggestions, we are open!!

He already knows to smile for the camera!!

I know he looks bewildered here, but he had a long day, and he is still shocked from leaving his home. And yes, I know he is not a dachshund or a beagle, please try to forgive us for stepping out! But we love him and you should come down to see him, with your puppy (ies)!!