Thursday, November 8, 2012


So, on facebook everyone is posting one thing they are thankful for each day of the month of November, leading up to Thanksgiving. It's awesome, it truly is. I'm just not doing it. I was talking to my friend the other day, and she was like, "I feel like if I start doing it now, I'm like jumping on a bandwagon." And I totally agreed with her. But I did think it was a good blog. So, instead of posting on facebook, I'm blogging about my thankfulness. Still probably jumping on the bandwagon, but what a good one to jump on!

1. Grace, that kind that was here at the creation of the world, but became known through Jesus Christ.
2. Salvation. Not the same as Grace, it's me confessing to you that I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and died to take the place of me for my punishment. And that by accepting His gift of Salvation, I am adopted in the family of Christ, and when I die, I will live with Him in Heaven for all eternity, as He has saved me from the absence of His presence.
 3. My health. That encompasses everything about my body, to my absence of needing doctors in my life on a regular day basis.
4. For Tim. Because he's amazing and awesome and he helps out around the house and he loves Karis like whoah, because he is my sugar daddy, and doesn't mind, and he just is all this package of Mr. Fixit man who has a job and loves his family, and if any woman ever thinks she will get him... I will cut her. Jk, kind of.
5. For Karis. Because she lights up my life, every morning there is something new and different and she has more sass than I can handle, but she is beautiful. She steals my heart everyday, and I just don't mind. I have mommy love, and I will be ever in her debt for letting me experience that. Mommy love is amazing and awful all at the same time, but it's totally worth it.
6. For living in this country. I just got to vote, and I did not have to walk into a place with an armed soldier, I just voted. Like it was no big thing, except, it's kind of a huge thing. If you didn't vote, you should go live in China, and try to complain to someone about something the government does, and threaten their job. See if you don 't end up in jail, or dead. Now, if you can, do that in the US. You might get ignored, but at least you did not end up in jail or dead, that is pretty awesome.
7. For being a woman. It sounds so weird, but I get to experience some pretty cool stuff being a woman.
8. For family. They drive me CRAZY I tell you. But I love them so much. I would do anything for them, even take a bullet. I'm so glad I get to see them on a regular basis now. That completely rocks.
9. For friends. I seriously have the best friends in the world. They live all over the state of GA and throughout the South. Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, even have some peeps I made through Tim that live up North! We would have never made it the first year with out such a huge support system outside my family. These are the people I can tell them about how I really am feeling that day, and they still love me. I've cried in front of all of them, and they just hug me, and we have laughed, danced, some even fought and made-up. You guys are amazing, I miss all of you to the bottom of my heart. I ask God on a regular daily basis if we can all live on same street in Heaven.
10. For income. I think I would have taken that for granted about four years ago. But I do not anymore. Every time I have gone to tithe since we've been married, I thank God for an income to which we can give God back a tithe check, that's awesome.
11. Our house. We may not own it, but I still LOVE it! Tim and I have been fortunate to rent from some amazing landlords for our past two houses. God has blessed us through their stewardship of the properties we have lived in. But mostly oh so grateful to live in a house, period.
12. Our cars. Seems so dumb too, but once again, in this day in age, people are not being able to afford them. I am SO grateful we can.
13. The health of my family. I hear of these things that happen to people's husbands and children. Health is something that is never promised to us. So, for now, for this blog, I can say that both of my beloved ones are healthy. I must remember to be grateful right at this moment, just in case this past sentence changes in the future.
14. For the fall. Because I love it. It's so pretty with it's changing leaves and nice cool breezes.
15. The mountains. Especially this time of year!
16. For my education. I would not be able to pen my thoughts of thankfulness without being taught all the basics. I'm grateful for all my teachers throughout the years (my mom included) who have educated me.
17. For my grandparents. Grandparents are just cool people. I have two grandfathers who are now in Heaven (I assume sitting on a bench waiting for all of us to join them:)). There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wish I could get a hug from granddaddy Roy one more time, or hear a WWII story from my granddaddy Frank. I do still have my Dot Dot and Mema, and they are pretty awesome. If you still have all your grandparents, give them a hug this Thanksgiving and let them know you are thankful for them.
18. For church on Sunday. Because Lord knows I need it! Seriously.
19. For The Bible. How have I not mentioned this earlier??? God's Word is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I'm so thankful that in times of uncertainty, that when the culture changes, the Rock at which I base my life on does not. His teachings are true and set me free.
20. For fireplaces. Because I finally live in a place that requires one during the winter. I'll never forget one rainy cold day in highschool, I told my mom it was "that time of the month" and I didn't feel good, and to please let me stay home. She knew good and well that is was not that time of the month, and that I NEVER had cramps of any sort. She let me stay home anyway, and I put on PJ's and curled up by the fire. Looking forward to more days like that.
21. For country music. Where was Taylor Swift when I was in middle school/ high school?!? I love singing songs about slow dances, first loves, and getting into trouble. Totally applicable to that time of life. And then the songs about how the husbands find their wives so sexy... I need those songs now. This music just puts a smile on my face.
22. Those times when you laugh so hard you can't breath. You become reeeeeaaaalll thankful you had those times in your life, when you are not certain you will have them again, for a long time. Here's to hoping for a future when you laugh so hard your sides split.
23. For coffee. I need  kurig, or something that will make me just 1 (one), cup of coffee in the morning. Because I need it with a one year old. Because my body does not work until 8. Thank you Lord, for coffee.
24. For my fenced in back yard. Because now I don't have to have my cute, BIG four-legged friend Riley in the house, at all times, anymore. That is SO nice.
25. For our church. Tim and I had a list of about ten churches to visit when moving to Peachtree City. While that task can be daunting, it is a nice problem to have. However, we walked in to the second church we visited and felt like home. We never visited the rest of the churches. We are joining this Sunday. I'm grateful God has lead us to such a beautiful body of believers (say that ten times fast!). Looking forward to seeing what he will be doing in the future.
26. For Thanksgiving. I mean, a holiday based on getting together with those you love the most, EATING so much foooooooood, and reflecting on all the good things that God has done in your life. What could be better? (If you say Christmas, we will fight).
27. For Love. For having found in not only in the love of my mother and father, but also in a husband who's daily sacrifices for our family do not go unnoticed, in the loving arms of friends who's shoulders I have cried on, who's necks I have hugged, in holding the most beautiful baby in the world she brings me to tears (honestly) if I hold or look at her too long, but mostly in experiencing it in the Love of Jesus Christ. His love makes me complete, not lacking anything, and I can be the person I am today, because He loved me first.
28. For Hope. For when days seem too dark, and the future seems very bleak, there is always hope for a better day.
29. For daily provision. Let's be honest, most of us have more than daily provision sitting in our pantries and refrigerators. The mere fact that people in this world don't should be cause for action. I am looking forward to helping those around us in this season.
30. For Forgiveness. Because I mess up all the time. Because I am constantly doing something or saying something that is hurting someone's feelings (not on purpose), because I'm human, and I am never going to get it right, not once. Today, I pray that if I have hurt you for some reason, in anyway. I ask your forgiveness. I am not infallible, and I know that I don't do what I'm supposed to all the time. Please forgive me, and know that I love you and will try to be better in the future.

I'm thankful for you all...