Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thoughts about my weekend

So, this weekend I wanted to try finding something trendy and cheap at Forever21. Can someone please tell me how to shop there? Not only is the place MASSIVE, but I can never find clothes there that fit me just right. They are either too loose, which makes the tops low cut, or waaaaaay too tight. For me, paying an extra amount of money for to go to a store that has a limited set of options that fits well is something I call an "investment."

Second thing, we saw Mosters vs Aliens this weekend. I highly recommend it. It was too funny!!

Third thing, and I will end the post on a more poignant note. Tim is ending out his six week shift where he works on Sundays, so I only have two more "single" Sundays left! Point being I got complemented today on how someone thought that it was so great that I went to church even though it is definitely a little harder without Tim. And the first thought that came to my mind was, "My mom would kill me if I didn't have a good excuse for not going to church." Now, I know I am a grown adult and I make my own decisions, and my mother would not somehow punish me if she found out I did not go to church for a period of six weeks, she respects that I am a grown woman and can make decisions. But what I think that says is that, values have been ingrained in me by tireless efforts from wonderful parents. God uses your voices even now to speak to me. And to close, I am glad that I got up and went to church today without my mom's voice telling me to do so, but I thank God for any of the reinforcement in my life that gets me there!

Friday, March 27, 2009

So much Pressure for a first Post... Geeze..

So, I made it on April and Amy's top three for wanting a blog, didn't make THE top spots... but nevertheless I'm up there. So for my first post I put Tim and I's picture up because if you know me, you know Tim, we come as a package. Not much is going on, this is probably the worst time to post something because I have no original subject matter currently. However, I will leave you with these thoughts:

1. I am taking the Crown Financial bible study and Chris Adams and his wife are on it, and I feel like he could be the most famous person I know right now...

2. I made made mom's spaghetti for Tim's grandparents, it was so good having them over, and they thought I was a cooking pro.

3. I am very frustrated right now because I cannot find anything to wear to New York in my closet and I know my family will upstage me anyway!:)

4. I feel like I am an extremely blessed and fortunate person and I want to give Christ all the glory and honor for that.

k, hope you liked it, I will have more things to say later!