Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 2010

Well, I have not posted in awhile, and for all of my blogging fans out there who have been anxiously waiting (in baited breath, of course) to know why I have taken such along sabbatical from writing about my life on the Internet, its simple. I have been busy. So busy in fact, with so many amazing adventures I decided to sum them up instead of do a post for each. I know, genius! So here was my amazing fun month:

Weekend #1: The Bellamy's came over!! The Bellamy's our friends who do Campus Outreach at Embry-Riddle. They are quite the fun couple and we had a great time hanging out with them and chillin'. Unfortunately, I stink at life and I did not take any pictures that weekend.

Weekend Highlight: Eating at the IKEA cafeteria then walking around the whole store!

Weekend #2: A trip to New Hampshire to celebrate Katie Harper's (Tim's sister's) upcoming marriage to her high school sweet heart. They are a very cool couple and balance each other out perfectly. The weekend was so much fun and Katie's engagement party was so much fun with lots of good food. And once again, I stink at life and did not bring my camera, however, Tim's mom did take pictures and hopefully I can get her to e-mail a few and then I can post them.

Weekend Highlight: Eating until it hurt, there was so much good food, I think I ate for a whole 48hrs.

Weekend #3: Joey, Jennifer, Savannah, and Weston all came down and fit into our two bedroom apartment for an extended weekend. SO MUCH FUN!! For a really good account of the weekend check out Jen's blog about it. I love it when there are a lot of people cramped into a tiny space (probably cause that is how I grew up, 6 people in a house with 3 1/2 rooms, makes for a bit of a space issue at times!) That weekend we took Savannah to the dog park to chase "Wriley" (our dog riley), the T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney, and Lake Eola Park. This weekend, I didn't stink at life and actually took pictures!! They will be below the highlight.

Weekend highlight: Taking a Sunday nap on the fold-out-bed in the living room while my sister was sleeping on the lazy boy chair, my nephew is sleeping in his pack-n-play and my niece is sleeping in our bed. The weather was gorgeous, we had our french doors open letting a nice cool breeze in with the fountain going in the background. A Sunday nap is even the most bestest when you are surrounded by those you love and miss!

Probably my favorite picture to date of me and Savannah:)

Oh priceless photo!

We really got the best seat in the restaurant, right next to Sarah Big Horn!

My main man, Weston, chillin in his convertible... I mean swing:)

Now, it might not look like the best picture, but I think the sunlight makes her look like she has a halo, my sweet angel Savannah! (However, all us girls know the halo is good for hiding those mischievous horns!)

Week #4: This one has just closed out. However, we got the privilege of housing the Cantwell clan with us this weekend. They spent the night with us Friday and Saturday night. And for most people who stay with us, we did the same routine, but it is SO much fun! Friday, I cooked a meal, and we just chilled. Saturday was dog park, hang out til Tim gets home, then Lake Eola! And once again I stink at life and took no pic's. The Cantwells are long time friends and are a part of a group that if Tim and I had our way in life, we would be neighbors forever! Oh well, God's plans are always higher and greater than ours!

Weekend Highlight: Laughing a lot! And then after dinner at Dexter's going over to the Lake Eola playground (yes the same one we took pic's of Savannah and Weston playing on, but there were no kids there at 9:30 at night) and playing on the playground like a five year old kid!

And just so you know, I know January has five weekends in it. The very first one was New Year's weekend. Mom and Dad came down and spent the day at Animal Kingdom at Disney, and me an mom went shoe shopping. Just so mom knows that I love her, a pic is posted below:

Yep, we are wearing matching colors.

So, January was busy, but so much fun! We LOVE visitors, we love to share our life with anyone who wants to come and play, chill, or hang out with us. No one has booked us for February so please come over! Hard to believe that the first month of the year has already passed. I pray that God would continue to grow me and teach me more about Himself and continue to open my heart to Him. Finally, on my last note, I just want to give a shout-out to my friend Emily Blackwell, she blogs too, and her last blog is a lot of what I have been going through down here dealing with loneliness! Here is a link to what she has been writing about, its good stuff!