Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meditation on Easter: Day 3

So, I am writing this late at night and I am tired from a long day and then an amazing Wed. night Bible with the ladies but I do have a good Easter meditation, it is my favorite sermon and one from my childhood I remember the most. Dr. Nelson Price preached it one Easter Sunday, and I feel it was the first time I remember paying attention to this thing called church. Pastor Price preached on the following verse:

Peter, however, go up and ran to the tomb. Bending over, he saw the strips of linen lying by themselves, and he went away wondering to himself what had happened. Luke 24: 12

Pastor price explained that, in the original Greek text, it states that the linens were folded neatly. In that day the Jewish culture, it was customary for a person who was leaving the table, if they were coming back, to fold their napkin as a sign of their return. I wonder what Peter must have thought as he entered into Christ's tomb that day. As he examined the floor to see if there were any footprints, you would think if someone stole the body the linens would not be present, and if they were they would have been strewn about the tomb. But no, there they were, laying neatly side by side. I wonder if all the things Christ said about his imminent death and Resurrection raced through his mind, maybe all the questions were lining up as he was wondering what was going on. Peter was the first to suggest they go back to Galilee after Christ had Resurrected, the place Christ had said he would be, waiting for them. He remembered, he was listening. Can you remember being so hurt from loosing someone you loved so much, that you would do anything to see that person one more time? I know a lot of people who would go to the moon if one of their deceased loved ones told them they would be there after they died.

So here Peter stands, alone in the Lords empty tomb. And as he gazes at the neatly folded linens, he smiles, thinking about Jesus and all the little things he would do alive, from washing his disciples feet to riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. And he smiles, as he thinks about the many times he had folded his own napkin when excusing himself from the table for a short while before coming back, a small gesture to assure the people at the table he will not be gone for long... And then all the Lord's comments and memories come flying into his head... He is alive, He is risen... I MUST go to Galilee to see my Lord!

Happy Easter all, and remember, the Lord not only folded that napkin for Peter, but for us also, He is risen indeed, and He is coming back for us as well!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meditation on Easter: Day 2

When I think of Easter growing up the main thing that comes to mind is azalea bushes. It's not that weird if you think about it. Azalea bushes bloom right when it gets warm enough when it is Spring time which is right around the time Easter is celebrated. My granddaddy, who has been with Jesus for many years now, loved azalea bushes, well, at least I think so, he had about 3938494048 around his front yard and on the side of his house as well. And my mother followed suite, I feel like they were the outline of our whole house, at least the front and around our huge wooden deck in our back yard. Every Easter we would line up in front of them in front out our house and take a picture, and then after church we would go to Mema and Granddaddy's house and take a picture in front of their azalea bushes. I don't have any of these pictures, mom does, but I believe these pictures chronicled at least the first ten years of my life if, not more. After my granddaddy went to be with Jesus, which was around my seventh grade year, we moved out of our old house and because of all the care azalea bushes are, without granddaddy caring for them, his ones had to be cut back. But man, you should have seen those suckers in their prime. Beautiful bushes full of white, or pink, or purple, or magenta flowers. Bright as the sun, and they made for the best pictures with our new Easter dresses on. Speaking of Easter dresses...

That was another one of my favorite traditions. Every year for Easter me and my sister, Jennifer, would get to pick out a new Easter dress and a new pair of white sandals. Now, this was a big deal, because growing up in a large family not getting my sister's hand-me-down clothes was HUGE deal, and second it was a new dress (and as I have mentioned before, I have always lived getting new things!) . I feel like getting a new dress for Easter is a southern tradition that goes way back, but I'm not sure. It certainly feels very southern to get a new dress for Easter any way. And getting white sandals is SO very Southern. Because I grew up thinking, and still live by this rule anyway, that you cannot wear white shoes, pants, dresses, etc... until after Easter, and you must never wear white after Labor day. Funny, I know, but to this day, even living in Florida, as much as I want to bust out a pair of my white capri pants, I will not wear them until Monday of next week. Lame? Weird? I happen to like tradition and to me nothing is more traditional than getting a new dress on Easter, and waiting until Easter to wear white. I honestly can't remember the last time I wore a white pair of sandals, I tend to stay away from white because it washes me out a bit (even the color of my wedding dress was "ivory" I think, some kind of "off white" color, I really can't wear the color it washes me out!) I tend to wear some fiercer colored sandals, but maybe one Easter in the future I will by a pair for the sake of it...

All silliness of dresses, azalea bushes, white shoes, and tradition aside. I think Easter is the best time to by something new for ourselves and our children, if you have them. It teaches them (and yourself) the value of getting dressed up to honor God and to celebrate the giving of life and Salvation through his Resurrection. And second, buying yourself and your children something new reminds you of New life and New beginnings. Things that were given to us through our Lord's sacrifice and victory over sin and death.

So, I know some of the women are going to love this, and husbands will sigh, but women, go to the mall and celebrate this Easter by buying yourself a new dress, reminding yourself that just as you are clothed in a beautiful new dress, so Christ has clothed you in His garment of Righteousness making us beautiful to God.

Oh... and don't think I didn't forgot about the men... You see my brother's always got a new dress shirt and tie (the one time of year they had to wear a tie, all other times were optional). And if they happened to grow a lot from one year to the next they got new pants and shoes. So the men can buy something new if they want too! Happy Easter and remembering that God makes all things new!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Meditation on Easter: Day 1

So, this is a very interesting week, I guess for many people who go to a Christian church. This is Easter week. It really began yesterday, Sunday, as Palm Sunday as Jesus road triumphantly into the city, as the Jewish people laid palms down for our Lord, thinking he was going to come into the Jerusalem, take over the Roman government and start His reign as King there. Unfortunately, they missed a key sign of our Savior. He road into the city on a donkey...

You see the reason why I love Jesus is that he was very much into culture, his culture, the Jewish culture. I guess he should be, He was a Jew. But what I mean is, is that everything He did was for a specific reason. No gesture, motion, or word spoken was without key meaning. First of all, it was because He knew all the prophecies He was fulfilling. And second it was because he wanted to make the Jewish nation know He was God. So He knew that He needed to fulfill Zach. 9:9-10, but also there is a very specific meaning, culturally relevant to the people of that day, to a donkey. Warriors who were ready for battle road into cities on horses; Jesus, the Prince of Peace, road into Jerusalem on a donkey, an animal of peace. Very disappointing for the Jews, I think, maybe that's why they made so much noise, because they wanted to overlook the fact Jesus came to bring peace instead of a war, for that time.

Easter is a holy week, it is different than Christmas. Christmas brings cheer and goodwill, for some reason Easter week is a little more sober. I don't know why, this is the triumphant week. For at the end of the week, we celebrate the victory over death, not a natural death, even better. We celebrate Christ's victory over the death of the soul, the ultimate separation from God. So, as the week begins, I want to continue with the celebration this week. Of Easter's past, what I can remember and learned from some very awesome sermons, and thoughts about how God is so awesome to continue to have victory in my life today.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What is exciting???

Not really my life, but that is ok. I haven't posted in awhile because not much has happened. Tim went on a guys trip last weekend, which was super fun and I am so thankful God gives us the finances for us to do special things like this. Tim is an extremely hard worker and an amazing provider for our family, so when he gets to do these special trips I am more than happy to let him go. He did not give me pic's but the ones I saw on his phone are amazing. God fun trip, hopefully next one will not involve my husband flying through the air on a snowmobile thought..

Life right now is pretty much, go to work, come home from work, chores, sleep and play with Riley. We have some trips planned for the future, Atl is coming up, a wedding or two in May, but no real vacation plans anytime soon. This is hard for a person life me because I always want to be doing something, and when life turns dull I really hate it, but I feel, every day that God is teaching me to be content with what is going on. This might be an extremely long year because it is a year of waiting and praying, hopefully for some type of forward movement in the future. But who knows, I am only putting my trust in the Lord and what He says goes. But trust me, when things do get exciting... you will be the first to know, all my lovely internet followers!!! (jk, I know I'm not that popular!)...

Friday, March 5, 2010


So... Do you just love new things? I know that all this life is passing away and I'm not supposed to be materialistic, but I still like new things! I got new glasses! It all started when, Tim went to the eye doctor and got new glasses, which is pretty exciting, and since I have an AMAZING sugar daddy who has an awesome insurance plan (and I haven't been to the eye doctor since 2nd grade) I made an appointment, found out I have a astigmatism, and got new glasses myself!

Here is us sportin our new glasses! Tim looks so cute! I love the new frames. And for all of those who know me and my mom... wow... I look like the brunette Kim Bounds. I like the glasses, I explained it to Tim that the difference is like watching regular tv, then like watching hd tv. The difference is slight but still more clear, and they are a pretty cool fashion accessory!