Thursday, September 2, 2010

Twisted Bliss!

So... it all began a little over a month ago when my wonderful sister, Jennifer, came down to help me decorate my wonderful house (see previous blog to see my beautiful house:)) And as we were getting out of the car to go to one of my favorite antique shops she goes, "Do you know of any good Italian ice places around here?"...

Who would have thought that one sentence would change my summer snack experience!

It was only a week later, I was back at my same stomping ground, and I turn around and there is this place called Twisted Bliss .

It is this amazing Italian ice place that instead of just having shaved ice and then they pour flavored juice over it, ice that has all natural juice in it. They have flavors like pomegranate, black raspberry, mango all made with real fruit. They also have flavors like Avatar, which is colored just like an avatar creature, and when I commented about how it tasted sweet like cotton candy, the Italian ice lady said, "it has cotton candy flavored in the mix." AMAZING!! So, needless to say, its healthy ice, guilt-free amazing (and refreshing) summer dessert right down from our new home.

When you visit we will go.

Pictures posted below of our shaved ices!

Just so you know, mine was the smaller on in a "momma" size called Avatar, and Tim's is the one in the "poppa" size called cream sickle! (Yes, they both taste amazing:))

so, that is what is new in our life right now, shaved ice!